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The importance of online platforms in matching supply and demand of labor increases steadily. Contrary to operating mostly on the consumer market by the likes of Uber, Deliveroo and Helpling in the early stages of the platform economy, there is a recent noticeable growth of the number of platforms targeting the business market.

Most discussions seem to underestimate the size of the gig economy. An overview lacked, resulting in examples being used selectively and biased. Martijn Arets, platform expert and author of the Dutch book ‘Platformrevolutie’ (Revolution of the Platform Economy), decided to map the scope of the gig economy in order to support debate as well as research on the phenomenon. FreshHeads and Contentful partnered with him to realize this platform.

The goal of this platform is to provide an overview of all currently active gig platforms in the Netherlands. This overview may be used for several purposes: 

Policy makers

A vast number of policies will have to be made in years to come in order to maintain and strengthen the positive sides of gig platforms and curtail their negative effects.  Platformwerk.nl facilitates policy makers by offering them an overview and database with variables to help them make the right choices. 


Many researchers, in both science and public institutions, are conducting research into platform work. Platformwerk.nl offers them an overview of the landscape and a freely downloadable database with profile information of platforms active in the Netherlands. This dataset is free to use under the Creative Commons license, because we believe that this is the only way to sustainably contribute to the development of platform work.


Gig platforms are an ideal way of making quick and easy (additional) money. This website provides an overview of platforms where you may be able to start out quickly, and gives more information about the application process and their terms and conditions.


Would you like to hire someone through a platform? Platformwerk.nl gives you an overview of available platforms and details on their terms and conditions.


Journalists may use platformwerk.nl to gain insight in the diversity of the platform landscape and terms and conditions used by different platforms. Are you a journalist and still have unanswered questions? Please contact me by email.